10-22 Indian remy deep side part full lace human hair


On sale $119.90 $239.80 (price reduced by 50 %)

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Hair Type : Indian remy hair

Hair Color : avaliable in natural black

Hair Length : 12 inches

Hair Density :150% density 

Baby hair around the perimeter

Natural Preplucked Hairline

Swiss Lace Material (soft yet durable )

Bleached knots around the perimeter(Full cap bleached knots causes excessive hair shedding due to the hair damage )

100% Indian Virgin Hair
Natural black
Preplucked hairline
All Around Perimeter
Medium Brown
4*4 Lace Closure Wig
Average(circumference 22.5"-23")
Wig cap


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Shipping / Return


How long will it take for my order to arrive after placing the order ?  Shipping Methods: Fedex,DHL,TNT,HYE,UPS, etc.
Processing Time : Up to 7 business days depending on the hair specifications.
Silky straight :3-5 days. Wave & curly :5-7 days
Delivery Time : 2-3 business days (once your order’s shipped out ,it takes 2-3 working days for delivery)
During our peak season and holidays ,there will be some delays,we sincere thanks for your understanding.
Will you provide a tracking number after shipping?  Yes, once your order is ready you will receive an email notification with as well as the tracking number.
Note :We CANNOT deliver orders to P.O. Box or APO/FPO address.


Return policy Please make sure the LACE has NOT been cut first,only intact wigs (unwashed,no hair dye,no hair cut,no heat ,etc) can be returned.Please also provide the pictures to let us confirm.No return or exchange for lace cut units.No return for applications without our permission.
For any hair issue you meet ,please feel free to contact us first ,our customer service team will try best to solve your problems.
If the problems haven’t been solved ,we will be willing to help you return as well.

Customer Reviews

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  • By windsor.
This wig is so great. It has a real feel to it and is pretty easy to style. Goes with almost anything. I have received so many compliments wearing this wig saying they love my hair. I feel effortlessly confident whenever I'm wearing it and I can't wait to get my next one!
  • By Annastasiya.
I love the color and fit. My own hair is thinning and cut wrong by a stylist. Love to go out on the town or just casual it looks great and natural. Thanks for wigencounter
  • By Ebony .
This was one of the full lace wigs I've ever worn and I absolutely adore it. #1 jet black make it look so natural. When I wore this outside I got compliments from so many people, even strangers. Highly recommend this wig!
  • By Delanda.
So beautiful!!!!  I am in love! Thank you!
  • By kyllia.
I receive my unit today . The cut was so amazing.   I honestly really like the look overall. Definitely in my top favorite. Thanks wigencounters for an amazing product yet again!!
  • By Elliott.
 I also wasn’t super happy with the unit I received,  since the lace color do not fit me, but it is what I expected and as their return policy, i did not cut the the unit,  so I’m not angry and exchange a new one. Hope the new one will fit me better 
  • By Alexis Malone.


  • By kim.

Great Texture

Nice hair great quality
  • By Raniece.


Wig is AMAZING good for a first time wig.
  • By Deja Thomas.

It’s does the job !

This wig is so bomb.Looks super cute and natural. I will order thos wig again, again and again.
  • By Chris.
I ordered this wig almost 3 weeks ago and i wear it three times a week. I really enjoy it. It is soft and doesn't tangle and people always think it's my real hair which is really fun and makes me smile.
  • By Shawntell.
Would definitely repurchase and buy other wigs from wigencounters. It really looks amazing and has given me so much confidence. Super in love.  It definitely worth the money! Could not recommend more!
  • By Yvette.
I loved this the moment I opened the box! I got the bob and was "worried" it would not look good on me. It was beautiful! I looked great and could not wait to wear it out. Lucky for me we had an occasion coming up and I wore it. I was a hit! As a matter of fact two of my girlfriends are going to get the exact same color and style.
  • By Amber .
Thank you so much and we received the wig today and it's really nice. It fits a little big on her because she is so small But It feels and looks nice. Thank you!
  • By Fabiola.
I really love this wig. It is very soft and cut good. I wear it a lot out and have had compliments on it. I bring a brush along with me to brush it when it gets tangled and it brushes really well. Beautiful cut! Beautiful length.
  • By arvid.
I received it and already tried it on. I honestly love it, the color and length of it. It does get my head feeling comfortable and natural !! Thank you!!
  • By Renata.
The hair line looks amazing ! Also the hair is natural and soft. I'm obsessing over this Wig.
  • By AEnagmafum.

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  • By Leyanna .
The hair has a very realistic finish, very comfortable adjustable cap and it looks really natural. Shipping was fast too, very happy with my purchase!!
  • By Briana.
I love the wig!!! The style, the color, the length, all are very great! The customer service was very nice and kept me informed fast delivery.
  • By Melanie .
its very hard for me to find good hair/products that will look real on me. Wigencounter makes things a lot easier for myself & my hair situation. Thank you again
  • By Tirankay.
Best wig purchase ever. Love the quality and workmanship.Light weight and cut. Feels wonderful. I am looking forward to my next premier purchase.
  • By Masika.
This unit is amazing! Looks so natural straight out of the box! I receive compliments everyday on how beautiful this unit is. Thanks for wigencounter!!!
  • By Judith.
this is such a good wig for someone who is always on the go and very active this wig allows you scalp to breath so it doesn't get all sweaty and itchy from the cap its light weight easy to manage, its so comfortable love this wig, thanks for wigencounter!!
  • By Reed.
I ordered this silky wig . Unfortunately it didn't work with my hair, but I gave them to my sister and she loves it so much. They look perfect. Great quality.
  • By Bete.
First of all, thanks for wigencounter for so amazing wigs! I choose wavy hair and straighten hair.  This hair texture is very soft and comfortable.
  • By Briley .
I've been wearing wig for almost 4 years. I wear the wig daily for work. The wig is comfortable and stays in place. I get many compliments " on my hair cut". The majority of my coworkers & clients don't know I wear a wig. It looks that natural. Of course, some folks can tell it's a wig...mostly hairdressers. I love this wig! It comes in great colors I have 20 inches ( my favorite) and 18 inches I highly recommend it!
  • By Caroleen.
Absolutely amazing ! Everyone loves this wig and thinks it's my natural hair ! Honestly so soft and I wear it every day !doesn't tangle easily like other wigs I've bought . Perfect length , perfect colour ! Thanks for wigencounter
  • By Loise.
I have gotten many compliments on it. After I washed it, it is still ok. I have bought another just like it.
  • By Sheila Bell.

cool wig

It's super cool ,hair cut is really nice .I just like this style ,And got the exactly wig like the one on your website . 
  • By Tasheemah Belk.

Cool hair

This hair look super soft and ,it's cool ! Im obsessed with the hairstyle .I've been wearing for almost 2 weeks ,and there is shedding at all . It also holds curls very well  . Love our company !
  • By Savana Johnson.

super wig!

So excited to get the  wig !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's nice !!!!! Love ya'll !
  • By Lattice Chapman.

Quality wig

This hair has no shedding problem ,i really like it ,i like the texture and the hair cut .It's going to be my summer wig !!!
  • By Nikia.
 What a beautiful wig this is! I got it in  wigencounters and the hair is so soft . I can't get over how beautiful it is! If it wasn't already mine I'd have hair envy. Simply beautiful!
  • By Monica.
A friend of mines has this and it is gorgeous. Can't wait to get mines. Very natural looking. Love the hairline and cap construction as well
  • By Evan.
I really like it very much. The color is lovely and very close to my natural hair. It's very soft hair and feels great.  I love the hairline so much, it's so natural 
  • By Birdy .

Worth it

The hair is so soft and silk ,no shedding at all ,im very excited with this wig .Will introduce my friends to ya'll !Thanks !
  • By tiffany wj.

My hair style

It's definitely my summer hair style . I love this bob .  And the hair texture is so amazing  . Will buy another one soon  ...  LOVE IT  . 
  • By Emily.

Good hair

I really love it ,and most important thing is that the wig is really easy to wear.Love it !
  • By Emily.

Good hair

I really love it ,and most important thing is that the wig is really easy to wear.Love it !
  • By Emily.

Good hair

I really love it ,and most important thing is that the wig is really easy to wear.Love it !
  • By Ashly.

Good hair

The wig quality is really good ,easy to wear !!!
  • By daisy.
wow,so beautiful wig ,i love it!
  • By tracy.

perfect hair

I Love My Wig, Thank you providing me with such Amazing hair.So excited :)
  • By Ashly.

Good hair

The wig quality is really good ,easy to wear !!!
  • By tracy.

perfect hair

I Love My Wig, Thank you providing me with such Amazing hair.So excited :)
  • By Carter Adriana.


Feel like getting off with this bomb bob!
  • By danielle e.
hair is beautiful and soft .  and it takes heat very well .  it saves my everyday life.  I just take it straight out of the box cut my lace off and i am ready to go !  one thing is that i do not like the part on me ,  but since it is a full lace , i changes it my part side and it looks great on me now .  very happy customer . 
  • By Terri Michelle .
have been wearing it for 2 weeks now and the hair itself is very beautiful , they did a great on the cut and I am really surprised that the hair quality is great at this price level.  Will definitely buy more from your guys if it could last long . 
The cut is everything , i am feeling myself ! I got lots of compliments !  Thank you wigencounters ! 
  • By Toure.

nice hair !

The wig is in good quality ,and soooo beautiful !! First time trying a wig ,love you guys !!
  • By Toure.

nice hair !

The wig is in good quality ,and soooo beautiful !! First time trying a wig ,love you guys !!