What’s a Versatile-CAP Wig?
WIGENCOUNTERS Versatile-CAP WIG is a fresh new transformation on traditional wigs. With this new cap construction, this unit can be comfortably positioned anywhere on your head for limitless versatile hairstyles and it can be used and styled as headband wig , half wig , full wig or ponytail and more.
1 Wig, 1 Million Ways
The styling switch ups are limitless. Want a low ponytail today, a half up half down style tonight, and a cute Mohawk tomorrow? You got it. But that’s not all! It can be placed anywhere for a realistic look no matter your natural hairline revealed or not.
Styling Tip : Limitless Looks
There are several ways to create new looks with WIGENCOUNTERS Versatile-CAP WIG. Feel free to explore more hairstyles with WIGENCOUNTERS Versatile-CAP WIG.