Fall&Winter is legit the best time to switch up your hair color. So are you ready to totally refresh your summer color and try out something new ? No matter it is Darker, richer tones: dark reds, chocolatey brown, or espresso with warm tones, caramel highlights, and toffee , we've got you covered . These colors are warm and cozy, just how fall&winter is intended to be. And it’s not even just the classic dark colors that are cute for this fall&winter— Our hairstylist collection also has some vibrant and signature colors which are def gonna pop up for your holiday party slay in the coming weeks. This collection comes with 2 versions . One is our budget version and the other one is our upgrade version . Each unit color of  our upgrade version is custom colored personally by our hairstylist . We highly recommend you try our upgrade version cause they come with best hair type in market and it allows you to wear it fresh out of the box without any DIY at home , yet are still quite affordable .
So do yourself a favor and get a jumpstart on these hair color trends before your friends do, k?

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